Answers To Your Handyman Licensing Questions
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There’s a tremendous demand for handyman in the United States. But, most states make it difficult to figure out the laws and requirements of being a professional handyman.

That’s where comes in.

Our mission is simple – to be the ultimate resource for handymen across the country to easily understand the licensing requirements to become a professional handyman.

As you might have already figured out, every state has different laws. Some require a license, some don’t. Some limit you to jobs under $1,000 without a contractors license, and some have much higher limits.

The laws are all over the place and it can get confusing. But, we’re here to help.

To find out the laws in your state so you can get your handyman business up and running fast, visit our home page and click on the state that you live in.

In just a few seconds you’ll know exactly how to get licensed as a handyman and be one step closer to running a successful business.

And, when you’re ready to grow your business, visit for marketing strategies and tips for growing a profitable handyman business.